Off-Campus Counseling Referrals

In addition to the short-term counseling services we offer, we also provide referrals to longer-term community services.  Students often seek off-campus referrals for conditions that require more intensive or specialized care.


CAPS is excited to offer GW students access to MiResource.  MiResource is a referral management platform designed to match students to the right mental health resources in their community.  Check it out!

Do I need to use my health insurance to help pay for off-campus counseling? 

You are not required to use your insurance to help pay for off-campus care, but many people do. You are responsible for paying any fees you incur that are not covered by your health insurance. Click here for information about using your health insurance to pay for counseling

What if I have SHIP? 

If you have the student health insurance plan (SHIP) and want to visit an off-campus provider, it is best to find a provider who is in-network with SHIP. 

What if I am covered by another health insurance?

If you have another insurance policy, you need to determine your policy's requirements by contacting your insurer directly. If you are on your parents' plan, you may have to speak with your parents to gain access to your insurance. Contact us if you need help deciding how to have this conversation with your parents, or if you want us to speak to your parents with your written permission.

Beyond MiResource, how else can I search for off-campus cousneling? 

To utilize your individual health insurance coverage for counseling, you can also search for mental health providers using your insurance provider’s website. If you’re searching for a counselor, clinical social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist, you’ll likely need to use “Behavioral Health” as a search parameter. The Colonial Health Center also maintains a list of providers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.  Please keep in mind that these providers may change their practice at any time without notifying us and are not affilaited with GW.    

You are welcome to come in or contact us for support accessing community resources or a mental health provider.