Group Counseling

The Colonial Health Center offers several different styles of groups focusing on emotional wellbeing.  Our goal is to serve all students at GW, with different styles and topics of groups. Groups are open to GW students, free of charge and unlimited. 

NEW for Spring 2022: 

The Journey: A Grief and Loss Group

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In Person Group Therapy

Tuesdays 11:00am

First meeting 2/8/22

Colonial Health Center Conference Room G30



Groups are very beneficial for students with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, identity concerns, and relationship concerns. Participating in group helps you improve your relationships, learn about yourself and others, and helps improve healthy communication and reduce isolation. 

Group counseling sessions typically last an 60-90 minutes and scheduled once per week. During this time group members talk about their concerns and are supported each other and by a facilitator or co-facilitators.  Group confidentiality is important and group members are expected to agree to keep the content and participation in the group private, to ensure that others feel safe and supported by each other.

The group counseling schedule varies each semester and may require an initial meeting with the leader to assess the best fit with the group.  If you are interested in joining a group speak with your counselor or come in for an initial meeting with a counselor.  Screenings must be completed prior to group registration.

Sharing Information with a Group

Some people are anxious about sharing in a group setting.  This anxiety has the potential to stop you from talking, which in turn can prevent you from experiencing the benefits of group counseling.  Know that you are in control of what, how much and when you share information.

Within a few sessions most group members typically find that they are able to talk in the group and receive support from other members as they begin to share. As trust develops we become more comfortable with taking risks, are better able to accept warmth, challenging feedback, and can present our needs to others more effectively.