Materials Requests

The Colonial Health Center has a variety of materials that you can check out for events, classes, and other educational initiatives. We ask that you request these resources at least two weeks in advance of the date you will need them. If the item(s) you request are available, we will reserve them for you.

You can request these materials by completing the Request Materials or Event Support form.

Materials Available

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Cards

You can check out a of box of BAC cards, which you can use to find approximate BAC based on an individual's birth sex and weight. The BAC card box can be checked out for one day. The box must be returned by the close of business on the day following check out.

Drinking Game

The Drinking Game is a unique, interactive board game that sets the stage for college students to think actively and talk candidly about their drinking. The game can accommodate six to -24 students and is the perfect way to begin a conversation about alcohol use. 

Anonymous People DVD

Borrow the Anonymous People DVD, a documentary featuring the 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. This is a powerful movie and a must-watch for anyone interested in recovery. View the trailer.

Beer Goggles

Beer goggles can provide a simulation of intoxication and can demonstrate how motor skills become inhibited. You can check out beer goggles for one day. Beer goggles must be returned by the close of business on the day following check out. We have six pairs of beer goggles with six different levels of intoxication to display the characteristics of different BAC levels.


The CHC has a wide variety of brochures that you can distribute or use for class, and other educational purposes. You can look through a listing of available brochures at the CHC.


A variety of books on topics such as alcohol, other drugs, and sexual assault are available in the CHC library for you to check out. Books can be checked out for two weeks.


The CHC offers a library of educational DVDs, which can be checked out for a duration of two weeks. You can view a full listing of the DVDs available by visiting the CHC.

Prize Wheel

You can check out a carnival-style prize wheel that you can modify to cater to a specific event. The prize wheel can be checked out for one day. It must be returned by close of business of the day after it is checked out.