Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Student Health Center offers a postdoctoral fellowship program for advanced-degree graduates of mental health programs (Clinical, Counseling, School Psychology; Social Work; Counseling; Marriage & Family Therapy) desiring advanced training in a college setting. This program is a 12-month experience running from August 1- July 31 of the following year. All doctoral-level psychology applicants must have successfully completed a one-year internship from an APA approved internship program before entering this program. Doctoral-level applicants from other disciplines must have successfully completed all relevant and required clinical practica, externships, and internships before entering this program.

Fellows work in close collaboration with staff and function as professionals with many of the same responsibilities as the staff. In keeping with our training philosophy, our program encourages fellows to define and continually assess their participation in a variety of clinical roles (e.g., intake assessments, crisis intervention, psychotherapy, consultation and outreach).  They receive close supervision of their clinical work from various staff members in order to provide a diversity of perspectives on clinical issues.  Additionally, fellows apply their repertoire of skills across different contexts, target populations, and theoretical paradigms.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 202-994-5300, option 2.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure