PowerHour Workshops

The Colonial Health Center (CHC) offers programming free of charge on a wide variety of topics and can speak to your group, co-facilitate a workshop or provide you with support and resources to lead your own program. 

The CHC has created PowerHour workshops to educate students on health and wellness in an engaging and realistic way.

If your group is interested in having CHC staff facilitate a PowerHour, free of charge, please fill out a request form at least two weeks in advance.

Workshops Available

PowerHour: Alcohol

College is all about choices and we want you to be able to make the best choices when it comes to alcohol. Learn how to reduce risk while enjoying alcohol if you choose to drink, and how to help your friends reduce risk if you choose not to drink.

PowerHour: Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life and everyone experiences it in their own way. In this workshop, you will learn how to identify anxiety and how to manage it so you can focus your time on being the best version of you.

PowerHour: Bystander Intervention

Are you ready to stand up, step in and speak out for what is right? Become one of George's Heroes by participating in this program designed to develop courageous leaders who challenge bystander behavior and actively participate in their community to make it a happier, healthier, safer place for Colonials.

PowerHour: Depression

Got the blues? This workshop will teach you how to identify signs of depression, and learn about resources at GW to help you manage emotions.

PowerHour: Managing Academics

Stress from academics is all too familiar to any student. In this workshop, we will discuss ways to manage anxiety in the classroom and tips to make you feel like you are ahead of the class.

PowerHour: Mindfulness and Meditation

A quiet moment can make all the difference in a busy day. In this workshop, we will introduce basic mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you find a quiet space in the midst of all life’s demands.

PowerHour: Nutrition

Never underestimate the power of good nutrition to boost your immune system and brighten your day. In this workshop, we will share tips and tricks for good nutrition that are easy enough for even the busiest college student to use to stay healthy.

PowerHour: Physical Activity

We want to “pump you up” with education on all of the benefits of physical activity! In this workshop, you will learn the many benefits to exercise and how to make physical activity a part of your daily routine.

PowerHour: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases

We want you to know the facts about sexually transmitted infections and diseases. In this workshop, you will learn about the various sexually transmitted infections and diseases and important prevention education to maintaining good sexual health.

PowerHour: Sleep

Getting enough sleep in college may be more important than you think. This workshop will discuss the benefits of a good night of sleep and healthy sleep habits to help you stay fresh.

PowerHour: Smart Sex and Contraceptives

Let’s talk about sex. This workshop covers smart sex tips, education on contraceptives, and good practices to keep in mind for good sexual health.

PowerHour: Social Host

Learn how to reduce risk and liability at events with alcohol by learning how to throw a responsible party. We will review the Procedures for Events with Alcohol and answer questions about how to register an event with the university.

PowerHour: Stress Management

College is an exciting time in life, however, sometimes navigating all the facets of college life can create understandable stress. In this workshop, you will learn to identify good stress and bad stress and learn steps to minimize stress during peak times of the year.

PowerHour: Tobacco Cessation

Old habits don’t have to die hard! In this workshop, learn tips to quit smoking and resources available on campus to help you be successful.