Real Talk with CAPS

A Support Space for BIPOC Students


Real Talk with CAPS

A Support Space for BIPOC Students at GWU

Real Talk with CAPS is a drop-in affinity space for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) -identifying students to come together to: discuss and process experiences, receive support, and share information & resources. This space aims to create a supportive environment for participants to discuss issues unique to their experience at a predominantly white institution (PWI) such as: academic stress, relationships, race/ethnicity related stress, navigating cultural expectations and values, family dynamics and identity development. It also hoped that this space can focus on promoting resilience, self-care and community care, and that students who attend will find strength through solidarity and connection!

Please feel free to join for any / all of the 5 sessions we plan to provide by stopping by the CAPS Conference Room in the University Student Center on any of the following dates from 1-2pm.

Monday Feb 7

Monday Feb 14

Monday Feb 21

Monday Feb 28

Monday March 7

*Note: While we aim to provide this space in-person, we will be continuing to monitor the public health guidance for group gatherings. In the event that this needs to be virtual, we are providing the following link