GW students now have access to expanded telehealth through our partnership with AcademicLiveCare (ALC) featuring additional counseling services, urgent medical care, therapy, and psychiatry appointments at no cost to full-time GW students*.

Student Health Center Services

SHC services remain available, with both in-person and virtual appointments offered by calling (202) 994-5300.

ALC is a separate service connecting students to a clinician during those times when the SHC might not be immediately available.

Emergency Services

Students experiencing a medical or mental health emergency on campus should contact GW Emergency Services at (202) 994-6111, or off campus at 911.

Getting Started

Students can take advantage of this expanded telehealth benefit by visiting from a smart phone, laptop, or other mobile device.

Full-time GW students* should use the Service Key ALC and Coupon Code ALCGWU23 for unlimited, free visits. If you did not receive a code, please email [email protected] and the SHC will verify your full-time status and send you a code.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is AcademicLiveCare (ALC)?

AcademicLiveCare offers virtual telehealth appointments for on-demand urgent care, and scheduled appointments for psychiatry, therapy, and nutrition counseling – all at no cost for full-time GW students*. ALC is an extension of our on-campus health services to provide support for students when they are away from campus or at times that may be more convenient to your schedule.

It does not replace the Student Health Center’s after hours or emergency services at 202-994-5300.

What telehealth services are available with ALC?

ALC provides virtual telehealth visits for urgent medical care, therapy, psychiatry and nutrition. Visits are unlimited and are provided at no cost for full-time GW students*.

Where do I go to schedule virtual visits with ALC?

Full-time GW students can create an account and log in at On the home page select “Get Connected”.

Students may also download the AcademicLiveCare (ALC) app on the Apple app store or the Google Play store. 

What information is required to create an account?

To create an account students simply need to enter their name, university email address, a password, gender, date of birth, and primary location/state.

Service Key: ALC Coupon Code: ALCGWU23


Full-time students should contact [email protected] with any questions.

Once an account is created students may immediately access these services to schedule virtual visits.


Can I choose a different therapist or nutritionist at any time?

Yes! Finding the right therapist is of critical importance, as such ALC was designed to allow GW students to choose a different therapist at any time. Students may simply log into the Therapy practice of ALC and choose any therapist available. 

Can I choose a different psychiatrist at any time?


Because a psychiatry and medication management treatment plan requires additional consideration, once you have an established psychiatrist on the ALC platform the provider must schedule follow-up appointments.

If you wish to change Psychiatrists in ALC, please contact 866-882-0343. ALC Customer Service will help you select a new psychiatrist and ensure a proper transition. 

The My Visit shows the full cost (or co-pay) instead of showing as free. 

Full-time GW students received a Coupon Code prior to your visit.

For therapy, psychiatry, and nutrition visits: a full-time student will schedule the visit, and on the day of the appointment just prior to starting the visit, the student will be prompted to enter the Coupon Code.

For urgent medical care: the code should be entered while scheduling the visit, as these visits are on demand. 

I forgot to apply the coupon code and paid for my visit out of pocket. Is it possible to receive a refund?

Yes! ALC is designed to give students access to these services at no cost. If you did not utilize the Coupon Code, you can contact ALC Customer Support at 866-882-0343.

Please let the representative know you are a full-time George Washington University student and have the Coupon Code ready to be applied for a refund.

I'm a full-time GW student and I'm having trouble accessing ALC. What do I do?

Please email [email protected] for assistance. Please be as detailed as possible in your first email describing your technical issue.

Terms & Privacy 

*GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) students are ineligible to receive free visits on AcademicLiveCare. GW SMHS offers its students Mental Health resources not available to other full-time GW students.

AcademicLiveCare is a 3rd party contracted platform, operating independently from GW websites and platforms. 

Before accessing and using this platforms and the services provided by AcademicLiveCare, we encourage you to review the service provider’s Privacy Policy

Any personal information you provide in the process of accessing and using this platform and its services, will fall under the privacy policy and practices of the third party provider. Should you have any questions or concerns related to the privacy of your personal information, contact the GW Privacy Office.