CAPS Workshops

Discover transformative workshops with GW CAPS! Delve into topics such as anxiety, depression, relationships, and the impact of intersecting identities on your well-being. Our experienced clinicians will guide you through building essential skills in each area. Don't miss the Resilient Minds Series, offering practical skills to manage anxiety and various life challenges.

Resilient Minds Series

A transformative series specifically designed to equip college students with practical skills to effectively manage anxiety in various aspects of their lives. This comprehensive program offers valuable insights and techniques to foster self-compassion, combat depression, overcome procrastination, conquer final exams, cultivate mindfulness, navigate social anxiety, cope with adjustments and transitions, optimize sleep hygiene, and establish healthy eating habits. Students are free to attend as many or as few sessions as needed. Interested students can register and learn more by completing this form or contacting CAPS at [email protected].

Navigating The GW Journey - Jan. 24 at 4 pm

Are you navigating the ups and downs of student life in your transition to GW and looking for a place to talk about it? We've got just the thing for you! Join our student-focused support space, led by a CAPS clinician where you can openly discuss the challenges you face during your time at GW.  Expect insightful discussions that resonate with your journey, engaging activities that bring us closer, and an opportunity to create your very own personalized vision boards. This is your chance to be heard, to share, and to grow alongside fellow students who understand exactly what you're going through.

Spill the Tea - Feb. 7 at 4 pm

A uniquely crafted support space dedicated to Black, African, and African-American identifying students navigating the realities of being at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). Engage in empowering discussions, forge connections, and let your creativity shine as we also celebrate the uniqueness that makes you, you! Led by CAPS Clinician Buki Olufotebi, LPC, students will engage in open discussions and share experiences while expressing their creativity through a relaxing sip and paint session.

Mindful Moments: Navigating the Healthcare Hustle - Feb. 21 at 12 pm

Attention Healthcare Students! Are you pursuing a career in healthcare, whether it's as an M.D, a PA, a Nurse, or another vital role? We understand the unique challenges and pressures you face. That's why CAPS has created a special support space just for you. Join us for a blend of insightful discussions and hands-on activities, all designed to build a sense of community among healthcare students. It's a perfect opportunity to share experiences and find support in a group that understands the demanding journey you're on. Don't miss out on this chance to nurture your well-being and foster connections within the healthcare student community!

Legal Lounge: Crafting Resilience in Law School - March. 6 at 12 pm

Join CAPS for an interactive and supportive space designed exclusively for law students navigating the challenges and triumphs of legal education. This will be an evening of insightful discussions, engaging activities, and a sense of community as we delve into the unique experiences of being a law school student at GW.

Well Rested And Nourished - March 27 at 4 pm

Join CAPS to learn more about helpful tips to promote healthy sleep hygiene and eating habits. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding healthy sleep habits and take away goodie bags full of items that can help you fall asleep.

Procrastination Break Through: Unleash Your Potential - April 10 at 12 pm

A tabling event located in the USC 1st floor tabling row where students can stop by for stress-reducing tools, valuable insights into the roots of procrastination, and practical strategies to foster productivity.

Wellness Unboxed - April 24 at 4 pm

A dedicated support space for LGBTQIA+ identifying students to engage in open discussions, share experiences, and explore holistic wellness practices with Rachel Enloe (She/They), LPC

Location: MSSC (USC 5th floor)

Green Oasis Exam Zen-Step into Green Oasis - May 8 at 4 pm

Join CAPS in Kogan Plaza for an hour of refreshing pause during the intensity of exam season. Join us for a delightful evening where you can craft your own mini world of greenery in a terrarium, allowing "nature" to ease your exam stress and infuse a bit of tranquility.

Location: USC H St Terrace