CAPS Workshops

Discover transformative workshops with GW CAPS! Delve into topics such as anxiety, depression, relationships, and the impact of intersecting identities on your well-being. Our experienced clinicians will guide you through 1 to 3 session-long workshops, building essential skills in each area. Don't miss the Resilient Minds Series, offering practical skills to manage anxiety and various life challenges. Additionally, starting in the fall of 2023, explore the Conflict Management Series in partnership with Student Rights & Responsibilities, designed to equip you with valuable conflict resolution skills.

Resilient Minds Series

A transformative series specifically designed to equip college students with practical skills to effectively manage anxiety in various aspects of their lives. This comprehensive program offers valuable insights and techniques to foster self-compassion, combat depression, overcome procrastination, conquer final exams, cultivate mindfulness, navigate social anxiety, cope with adjustments and transitions, optimize sleep hygiene, and establish healthy eating habits. Students are free to attend as many or as few sessions as needed. Interested students can register and learn more by completing this form or contacting CAPS at [email protected].

Navigating New Horizons: Conquering Anxiety in College Transitions - 9/1

Join this workshop designed to equip students with the essential skills to cope with anxiety during periods of adjustment and transitions. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the commonly experienced anxiety when entering college, choosing or changing majors, and finding community! Facilitators will provide strategies to help students navigate these challenges, fostering resilience, self-compassion, and other effective coping mechanisms.

Calm Campus: Anxiety and Stress Management - 9/8, 10/20

Join us for a workshop on anxiety and stress management. In this interactive session, CAPS clinicians will guide you through evidence-based strategies and practical tools to navigate the challenges of college life with resilience. Gain a deeper understanding of anxiety triggers, learn techniques for stress reduction, and develop personalized coping mechanisms to thrive academically and emotionally.

SocialEase: Navigating Anxiety in Social Settings -9/15,  10/27

This workshop is designed for students struggling with anxiety in social situations. This empowering session provides tangible tools and strategies to help students overcome social anxiety, build confidence, and foster meaningful connections with others. With the guidance of CAPS clinicians, students will engage in discussions and experiential exercises to manage social anxiety symptoms, develop assertiveness skills, and cultivate authentic self-expression.

Embrace & Empower: Nurturing Resilience (Anxiety and Self Compassion) - 9/22, 11/3

Embrace & Empower is an interactive workshop aimed to help students cope with the challenges of anxiety and cultivate self-compassion. This session will offer tools and strategies to develop resilience in the face of anxiety, fostering a compassionate and supportive mindset towards oneself. Students will learn to identify anxiety triggers, while gaining a deeper understanding of the role that self-compassion plays in promoting mental well-being. Join us for this session and learn to empower yourself with the skills to combat anxiety with compassion and confidence!

Mind Over Matters: Navigating Anxiety and Depression - 9/29, 11/10

Mind Over Matters is a session designed to provide valuable insight and coping skills to managing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. CAPS clinicians will be leading engaging  discussions to help students gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, develop personal coping skills, and build a supportive community to thrive amidst the demands of college life. Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritize your mental health and unlock your full potential! 

Calm Campus: Anxiety and Mindfulness - 10/6, 11/17

Join CAPS and embark on a journey towards inner peace and resilience. This workshop is designed to provide students with mindfulness-based practices to effectively manage anxiety. Through a series of interactive activities and guided exercises, this workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for students to explore mindfulness techniques and cultivate a sense of inner calm.

Thriving Minds: Anxiety and Wellness - 10/13,  12/1

Thriving minds is an engaging and informative workshop where students will explore the vital connection between anxiety and overall wellness. This workshop takes a holistic approach emphasizing the importance of sleep hygiene, nutrition, and movement in managing anxiety and promoting optimal mental health. Students will learn strategies and evidence-based techniques to improve sleep quality, enhance nutrition for brain health, and incorporate movement into their daily routines. Come out and join CAPS as we provide tools to support students on their journey to holistic wellness!

ExamZen: Organize, De-stress, Relax - 12/8, 12/13

Join CAPS during finals season to cultivate tools to cope with the anxiety and stress that usually accompanies final exams. This session will incorporate activities to help students stay organized, de-stress, and find relaxation amidst the exam frenzy. CAPS clinicians will review mindfulness exercises,  organizational and time management strategies, and other tools to help students maintain focus, enhance productivity, and cultivate a calm mindset throughout finals. Say goodbye to exam jitters and embrace a more centered and confident approach to conquering finals!

Conflict Management Series

If conflict is challenging you, join the Conflict Strategies Workshop to learn and reflect on skills that will help you navigate conflict. Jointly hosted by CAPS and Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR), this in-person, three-workshop series will help you better understand your own approach to conflict and practice specific strategies for how to communicate and problem-solve during a conflict. Interested students can register and learn more by completing this form or contacting SRR at [email protected].

Section 1

Wednesday,  9/20, 9/27, 10/4 at 1 pm

Section 2

Tuesday, 10/17, 10/24, and 10/31 at 11 am