All GW Students have FREE, 24/7 access to virtual care services with TimelyCare — the virtual health and well-being platform from TimelyCare, designed for college students.

Students do not need insurance to access TimelyCare services, and they do not need to visit GW’s Student Health Center in-person to gain access to this telehealth platform. To access TimelyCare, download the app for your Apple or Android phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

As part of the George Washington University’s partnership with TimelyCare, students have access to services in TimelyCare, including:

  • MedicalNow: On-demand support for common health issues.
  • TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand emotional support to talk about anything, including anxiety, relationships, depression, and school-related stressors.
  • Scheduled Medical: Choose the day, time, and medical provider that best works for you.
  • Scheduled Counseling: Choose the day, time, and mental health provider that works best for you. (9 visits per year - resets on August 1st each year)
  • Health Coaching: Develop healthy lifestyle behaviors, including nutrition, sleep habits, time management, and mindfulness.
  • Psychiatry: Appointments are available through a referral by SHC’s psychiatry team.
  • Self-Care Content: Visit the Self-Care tab for 24/7 access to tools and resources, such as meditation and yoga sessions, helpful videos, and short articles from experts. 

All GW students – undergraduates, graduates, law, medical and doctoral – have access to TimelyCare services 365 days a year. That means you have access during breaks, after-hours, and any time you need support! Visit go.gwu.edu/timelycare to get started.

Access TimelyCare!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can use TimelyCare’s telehealth services?

All full- and part-time students at GW, including undergraduate, graduate, law, medical and doctoral students enrolled in either an in-person or online class. 

How do I get started with TimelyCare?

Go to go.gwu.edu/timelycare or download the TimelyCare app on either your Android or Apple phone to get started.

During the registration process you will be prompted to answer a few brief questions about you and your health. This information will assist TimelyCare in providing support services and recommendations for providers.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for GW students to access TimelyCare telehealth services, including scheduled or Talk-Now appointments or their online Community Forums.  During registration, TimelyCare asks if you have insurance. This assists the TimelyCare providers if they need to provide a referral and/or a recommendation for additional care/support services.

I live with roommates and do not feel comfortable participating in a telehealth session from my room/apartment.  Where on campus can I go for a secure/ quiet space for my scheduled telehealth visit?

Reservable and unobservable spaces like study lounges and conference rooms can be found at GW’s Study Spaces webpage. You can also reserve a space within CAPS by emailing [email protected] at least 24 hours before the room is needed.

Can I use TimelyCare if I am traveling abroad for personal travel or while participating in an approved GW Study Abroad program?

Several TimelyCare app features are available for registered students who are traveling internationally:

  • Health Coaching
  • Peer Community Forum
  • Talk Now
  • Self-Care Journeys and Wellness Content

Mental health counseling and psychiatry services are not available to use when out of the United States. Students who would like to use the available TimelyCare app resources need to use a US-based phone and download the TimelyCare app before going abroad.

Can I receive medication from a TimelyCare provider?

Because of federal health regulations, TimelyCare providers are not able to prescribe controlled substances including, but not limited to: 

  • Stimulants for ADHD such as: Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta
  • Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin
  • Opioids/Opiates: Vicodin, Oxycodone
How do I access psychiatric services via TimelyCare’s telehealth appointments?

If you are a student seeking out psychiatric services for the first-time, please schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with GW’s psychiatric services team who can establish you as a new patient and provide you with a referral code to use with TimelyCare.

What kind of assessment can a TimelyCare provider conduct?

TImelyCare providers do not perform: 

  • Neuropsychiatric testing for ADHD
  • Neuropsychiatric and education assessment to diagnose specific learning disabilities

If you would like to pursue this type of assessment, please contact GW’s psychiatric services team at [email protected] for a referral.

Is there a limit to the number of telehealth visits for psychiatric care I can use each academic year?

Yes. The SHC psychiatric team will help you set-up a plan that best utilizes the number of telehealth visits with TimelyCare, along with visits with the SHC psychiatric team. For those who require long-term treatment through the duration of your time enrolled in GW, the SHC psychiatric team will work with you to set-up a long-term provider that works best with your insurance.