ADD/ADHD Evaluation & Management

No Prior Diagnosis of ADHD 

If you are interested in ADHD/ADD Psychological testing and have no record of prior treatment, please seek a psychological assessment in the community for official diagnosis. 

Prior Diagnosis of ADHD with No Previous Treatment

If you have seen a psychiatrist/psychologist and were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, the psychological/psychiatric evaluation should be emailed to the Psychiatric Case Manager in the SHC ([email protected]). 

Continuation of Current or Prior Treatment of ADD/ADHD with Medication

Before your appointment is scheduled, the Documentation of Previous ADHD Treatment Form (PDF) must be downloaded and filled out by your doctor and emailed to [email protected].  Your previous provider must also submit their most recent progress notes and any diagnostic paperwork.

A psychiatrist at the SHC will review your documentation before your initial visit is scheduled. Please call the Psychiatric Case Manager at (202) 994-1621 to confirm that your paperwork was received.  ADHD prescriptions will only be given to patients if all adequate documentation has been submitted. 

ADHD prescriptions will only be given on a monthly basis. A follow-up visit is required to receive a refill. Medical Services will not refill ADHD medications via telephone or fax.

Psychostimulant Medication Contract

All students receiving stimulant prescriptions are required to review and sign the Psychostimulant Medication Contract (PDF) on a yearly basis.

ADD/ADHD Academic Accommodations

Students who need academic accommodations for ADD/ADHD must register with Disability Support Services.