Stepped Care

We offer a wide array of services that take into account the type of concern, research evidence on best practices, student personality and preferences, and readiness for making difficult changes or engaging in complex therapeutic processes. By taking a personalized, stepped care approach we hope to provide rapid and flexible access to wellness and mental health resources. This approach is aimed at empowering you to maximize and manage your own mental health to the best of your ability.

Our brief, individualized, stepped care model of counseling, strives to provide students with ample opportunities to:

  • develop greater insight and self-understanding
  • identify and solve problems
  • reduce emotional distress
  • improve cognitive, emotional, academic, and social functioning
  • explore and understand cultural and other identities 

Our work also involves information, trainings, and tools to help students, staff, faculty, and family members. Together, we can achieve a climate of emotional well-being where each student can engage thoughtfully as an active community member and support their fellow students. 

Brief Individual Counseling

Students commonly come in for problems with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship and academic problems, however no problem is too big or too small to address in counseling. SHC counselors provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to discuss these concerns and discover ways to resolve them. Your initial consultation and all individual counseling sessions are free of charge, regardless of the insurance you have.  The number of short-term individual counseling sessions will be individualized, based on your needs.   

At times, longer-term counseling or specialized treatment may be a better fit. If so, you will be referred to providers in the community who have experience working with college students.