Travel Services

The Student Health Center (SHC) is happy to provide certain necessary vaccinations and prescriptions for students who plan to study or travel abroad.

If you know what immunizations you need or would like a consultation to determine requirements, please schedule a travel-related appointment during business hours. Plan your appointments with the SHC 4-6 weeks prior to your departure, and have a copy of any prior immunization dates on hand during travel-related visits to the SHC.

  • If you are studying abroad, bring your program-specific paperwork and application to your appointment.
  • If your program requires a physical exam, please schedule this separately with one of our medical providers.
  • If you need a certain medication (for altitude sickness, sleeping medication, etc.), a separate medical appointment may be necessary.
  • If you are traveling abroad independently, you can research recommended immunizations for your destination at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and make an appointment for any necessary vaccinations.

We do not administer the Yellow Fever vaccination, but you may contact the GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) Travelers' Clinic at (202) 741-2234 or Farragut Medical and Travel at (202) 775-8500.