Diversity Statement

Student Health Center (SHC) staff members are committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all students, conducive to the exploration of personal, social, emotional, and academic concerns. To echo the George Washington University Statement on Diversity and Inclusion: "we must intentionally act to create the diverse and inclusive community that enables everyone to flourish."

We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism as guiding principles in our services, training, outreach, and staffing. We define diversity to include and not be restricted to: ethnicity and ethnic identity, race and racial identity, sexual orientation, age, sex, religious and spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, gender identity, nationality, body shape/size, and differences in mental and physical ability.

As a professional agency, we take active steps to be culturally self-aware, knowledgeable, and skillful, and embrace this learning as a lifelong process. The SHC’s commitment to GW students and the campus community is built upon our values as a multicultural agency that affirms the similarities and differences of our community members. We strive towards promoting social justice for all persons and a supportive campus climate for all our members. By adhering to this vision, our goal is to contribute to a shared environment where cultural empathy and self-awareness inform health care, consultative services, and educational support for the GW community at large.