COVID-19: Counseling Updates and Resources

We Are Here For You!

CAPS is available to provide support to all GW students.

Uncertain how we can help? Call us and we’ll tell you how.

Dial 202-994-5300 and press 2 to speak to a CAPS clinician

during regular business hours (Mon-Fri. 8:30am-5p, Saturday 12-4p, Sunday 12-4p).


Crisis support is available 24/7.

How has COVID-19 affected services with GWU CAPS?

In accordance with CDC and university social distancing guidelines in order to protect the physical safety of students and staff, CAPS will be operating primarily by telmedicine for Fall 2020. 

How is CAPS supporting the campus community during this time?

CAPS is available by phone 24/7. CAPS is providing phone consultations, virtual workshops, support spacesself-help resources, group counseling, and, when appropriate, short-term tele-therapy services for local, currently enrolled students. 

What can I do to get connected to counseling services?

While CAPS is operating virtually through telehealth at this time, scheduled appointments are not necessary. Instead, students can contact CAPS to speak with a therapist during business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30-5, Sat-Sun 12-4). Immediately upon contacting CAPS, students will be directed to complete initial paperwork and a therapist will then be able to conduct an initial assessment momentarily.

Students can contact CAPS to speak to a therapist at any point (24/7) at 202-994-5300. If it is during business hours, that therapist will be a CAPS staff member who will conduct an initial session to determine what services would be most appropriate for that student and their concerns. If it is after-hours, that therapist will be an on-call clinician through ProtoCall.

Are there any resources for dealing with my anxiety or concerns about COVID-19?

This is an understandable and very important question. Yes! CAPS has created a comprehensive Toolkit (requires logging in with your "" email address) and mental health Self-Help resources for specific populations related to COVID-19 and we are continuing to run our virtual anxiety toolbox workshop. Anytime there is a major event taking place, especially one as world-wide and as heavily publicized as the spread of COVID-19, it is natural to feel anxious and even panicked. During these times, we encourage people to seek out information that is trusted and grounded in research to ensure that they are well-informed as to what is happening and how best to keep themselves healthy and safe. 

COVID-19 Self Help Resources

Where do I go to find off campus counseling referrals?

Check out our Off-Campus Counseling Referrals page. CAPS also is excited to offer GW students access to MiResource. MiResource is a referral management platform designed to match students to the right mental health resources in their community.

Students with Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through Aetna may visit this page to view more COVID-19 related resources.