COVID-19 SHIP Resources

SHIP Benefits for COVID-19

With the university extending the virtual learning period through the end of the spring semester and cancelling all on campus events through the end of the semester, we would like to share some important information with students who are insured by our GW Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). The GW SHIP is an open choice PPO insurance plan through Aetna Student Health. Students participating in GW SHIP can use their benefits with any in-network provider within the U.S. To find providers near you, please visit the Aetna website.


Additionally, Aetna is offering free coronavirus diagnostic testing and free doctor visits relating to COVID-19. There is no cost-sharing for inpatient admission at any in-network facility for treatment and a $0 copay for any doctor visits related to COVID-19. We’ll also waive the cost for testing, provided you meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines  for testing and your doctor requests it.


If you would like to use the services at our center, we are available for phone consultations for medical services and counseling. Teladoc® options through the Aetna Health app. Teladoc is available by phone at: 1-855-835-2362.  For questions about prescriptions or additional plan benefit information, please call Aetna 800-213-0579. 


If you have difficulty locating an in-network provider, or have any other questions about SHIP, please contact the SHIP office at 202-994-8260 or email sh[email protected].


For the latest information related to COVID-19 and Aetna Student Health, please go here.  For the latest GW information on COVID-19, please visit