If you cannot attend your appointment, please be sure to cancel with us by phone at (202) 994-5300. 

The SHC does not bill insurance, but will provide, upon request, an itemized receipt documenting charges and payments at the time of service to assist students seeking reimbursement from their health insurance. An itemized bill can also be accessed through the patient portal under "Account Summary".

You are directly responsible for all charges incurred and payment is expected at the time of the service. There may be additional charges for lab work, medical supplies, and medication. See fee schedule below.

Credit card and GWorld payments are also temporarily suspended as a safety measure. All charges will be applied to student accounts. 

Medical Visits*

Established Outpatient Visit $30
Telemedicine Video Visit  $30
Phone Consultation $30
General Medical Exam or Physical $60
Missed Outpatient Visit $30
Missed General Medical Exam  $60

Psychiatry Visits*

Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview Examination $80
Medical Evaluation and Management (Therapy) $50

Counseling & Psychological Services Visits*

Individual Counseling and Group Counseling $0
Psychological Assessment Package $900
Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment $120
Anger Management $120
Specialized Skills Groups $60
Missed Session Fee $30
Mental Health Withdrawal, Return and Hospital Re-Entry $0

Laboratory Tests*

Hemoccult Guiac $5
Influenza Test $15
Mono Screening $0
Rapid Strep Test $0
Skin KOH Tissue Exam $0
Urine Analysis $0
Urine Pregnancy Test $0

Vaginal Smear



Hepatitis A Vaccine $100 per dose
Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 dose series) $85 per dose
Hepatitis B Vaccine (2 dose series) $150 per dose
HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine $270 per dose
Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot) $25 per dose
Meningococcal ACWY Vaccine (MenQuadfi) $150 per dose
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine $100 per dose
TB Intradermal Test (PPD) $20 per test
Tetanus Shot $80 per dose
Tdap $65 per dose
Varicella Vaccine $170 per dose


Ace Bandages $5
Alumafoam Finger Splint $5
Ankle Aircast $20
Cerum Removal $10
Crutches (Deposit) $50
Dermabond $40
Destruction Lesion $10
Dressing/Bandage $7
Evacuation - Sublingual Hematoma $15
Knee Brace $20
Nebulizer $10
Peak Flow $2
Post Op Shoe $16
Remove Foreign Object $0
Sling $13
Steristrips $40
Suture Removal Kit $6
Wrist Splint $10


Benadryl $8
Bicillin LA $112
Epinephrine $3
Injection Only $5
Ketorolac $15
Rocephin $25
Solumedrol $10

Quest Diagnostics Lab Fees*

To better assist students, the SHC charges the following fees on behalf of Quest Diagnostics. Students pay GW, not Quest.

STI Panel (RPR, HIV 4th Gen, CT/GC Urine), with Office Visita $80
CT/GC Urine $25
CT/GC Rectal $25
CT/GC Pharyngeal $25
Drug Screening $45
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody $25
HSV 1&2 $20
MMR Panel Antibody $50
Quantiferon TB Gold $50
RPR w/ Reflex $25
Throat Culture $25
Varicella Antibody $25

*All students enrolled on the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are exempt from fees, except in the case of missed appointments or late cancelations

aTests ordered separately are subject to a higher fee.